Notes on Gender Role Transition

By Anne Vitale Ph.D.


San Francisco Bay Area Therapist
Specializing in Gender Related Issues

The therapists listed here are members of the Bay Area Gender Associates. (BAGA). BAGA is a peer supervision group that meets regularly to discuss gender identity issues in general and when appropriate, special problems in our case load.

Anne Vitale PhD
Licensed Psychologist
San Rafael CA 
Phone: (415) 456-4452
Rebecca Auge PhD
3030 Ashby Avenue, 109A 
Berkeley CA 94705
Phone: (510) 841-2428.
Koen Kari Baum MFT
3896 20th St
San Francisco CA 94114
Phone: 415-646-0565

Lin Fraser EdD
San Francisco CA (415) 922-9240
William Henkin PhD
San Francisco CA (415) 923-1150
Kim Hraca MA MFT
Berkeley CA (510) 601-1859
Luanna Rodgers MA MFT
San Francisco CA (415) 641- 8890

Dan Karasic MD
1001 Potrero Ave., Suite 7E
San Francisco, CA 94110