Notes on Gender Role Transition
Anne Vitale PhD, Editor

Anne Vitale Ph.D.
May 17, 2008

Guest Speaker:

Staring At A Blank Page: Refelections of a woman about to undergo SRS by Lynn

Letters from the mom of a gender dysphoric twin boy by Danielle Alexander

One woman's report on her Sex Reassignment Surgery experience in Montreal, Canada by Dani Marie Kleist

Thoughts On Beauty by Asuka

Living with a Rectovaginal Fistula by Sarah .

Ten Years After by Sarah. Sarah fills us in on what her life has been like in the 10 years following her GRS

The Job Transition by Victoria

Going Full Time: the First Few Days by Annette Gallo

On Life and Death: A letter to a friend who was contemplating Pearl

FTM 101 -- The Invisible Transsexuals by Shadow Morton, Yosenio Lewis, Aaron Hans and James Green, Editor

Letter to ABC : Speaking out in Pride by Annette T.

When the Boss Transitions by Janet Jones. CEOs who transition have problems too.

Why Don't You Tell Them I'm A Boy By Florence Dillon. A mom talks about her daughter's need to be male.

Second Opinion by Rachael ---A MTF TS tells why she is not seeking a second or third opinion regarding her diagnosis of GID.

The Greatest Gift: by Grace Bock: A MTF Transsexual talks about comming to terms with her transsexuality and coming out to her close knit family

I Enjoy Being a Girl by Grace Bock

Passing: My Key to Success by Grace Bock

Safety-- Plain and Simple by Grace Bock

Act As A Woman, Safely by Kelly Stevens

Dilation: A Critical Follow-up Procedure to Successful Sexual Reassignment Surgery by Alessa Adamo

My Personal Experience: An account of the trials and tribulations one woman experienced transitioning in the United Kingdom. by Stephenie Robinson

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