Wednesday, October 31

6:00 Registration

7:00-10:00 Reception and Halloween Party

Presidential words: Alice Webb and Eli Coleman


Thursday, November 1, 2001

8:00 &endash; 9:00 Registration

Continental Breakfast


9:00 Conference Welcome

Lee E. Emory (USA)
Walter Meyer (USA)
Eli Coleman (USA)


9:15 Symposium: The Language of Gender Variance

Moderator: Walter Bockting (USA)

The Language of Gender Variance

Jason Cromwell (USA)
Jamison Green (USA)
Dallas Denny (USA)

Transforming Concepts in Genderland

Esla Almaas (Norway)
Esther Esben Pirelli Benestad (Norway)

Configurations of Ungendering: On the Emergence of Gender-Negating Identities

Richard Ekins (United Kindgom)

The Construction, De-construction and Re-construction of Gender Identity Mergers and the Powerof Language

Rosalyne Blumenstein (USA)
Barbra Ann Perina (USA)

10:45 Break

1:00 Symposium: Providing Therapeutic Care Outside the Binary Gender System

Moderator: Rebecca Auge (USA)
Rebecca Auge (USA)
Lin Fraser (USA)
William Henkin (USA)
Kim Hraca (USA)
Dan Karasic (USA)
Luanna Rodgers (USA)
Anne Vitale (USA)

12:30 Lunch (on your own)

2:00 Symposium: Current Trends in the FTM Community

Moderator: Jude Patton

Utilization of Health Care among FTMs in the United States

Jamison Green (USA)
Katherine Rachlin (USA)

Female Masculinity and the Transgendered Butch

Arlene Istar Lev (USA)

Procedures and Issues Related to Female to Male Gender Reassignment Surgery

Toby Meltzer (USA)

Current Trends in FTM Community: Challenge for Service

Kathleen Rachlin (USA)

The Invisible Man: the Law, Gender, and F-M Invisibility

Jillian T. Weiss (USA)

3:30 Break

3:45 Current Views on the Management of Gender Identity Disorder in Young People

Domenico Di Ceglie (United Kingdom)

4:15 The Children Left Behind

Candace B. Risen (USA)

4:30 Infants and Children with Gender-dysphoric Behavior in a Familiar System

Elz Schijf
Petra Klene
(The Netherlands)

4:45 Gender Dysphoria: Then and Now

Moderators: Leah C. Schaefer and Christine Wheeler (USA)
Leah C. Schaefer (USA)
Jamison Green (USA)
Jillian T. Weiss (USA)
Robert White (USA)
Richard Green (United Kingdom)
Milton Diamond (USA)


6:00 Poster Sessions (See below for Posters and their presenters)

Wine and Cheese Reception


Friday, November 2, 2001

7:30 &endash; 9:00 Continental Breakfast

7:30 &endash; 9:00 Concurrent Workshops

Training Law Enforcement Personnel in Transgender Awareness
Jamison Green (USA)

Transgender Emergence

Arlene Isar Lev (USA)

"Out on a Limb:" The Professional Dilemma 's in Approving Autogynephiles for SRS

Oliver Robinow (Canada)
Blaine C. Beemer
Darlynn Gehring

Medicaid and Medicare Prohibitions Against Coverage for SRS and Related Treatments and Procedures

Jennifer Levi (USA)
Shannon Minter (USA)

9:00 Plenary Session: Modern Legal History of Transgender Rights in the United States

Jennifer Levi (USA)
Moderator: Richard Green (United Kingdom)

9:45 Break

10:00 Symposium: Legal Aspects of Transgenderism

Moderator: Stephen Whittle (United Kingdom)

Analysis of Transgender Jurisprudence

Andrew Sharpe (Australia)

Transsexuality & the Current Law

Trey D. Picard (USA)
Lee E. Emory (USA)
Collier Cole (USA)

Transsexual and Transgender People in the Criminal Justice System, A Pilot Study: Evaluating and Meeting Needs

Stephen Whittle (United (Kingdom)

The International Bill of Gender Rights vs. the Cider House Rules: Transgenders Struggle with the Courts Over What Clothing They Are allowed to Wear on the Job, Which Restroom They are Allowed To Use on the Job, Their right to Marry, and the Very Definition of Sex

Phylis Randolf Frye (USA)

Slavery, Sex & Gender, and the Ancient Doctrine of Stare Decisis: A Re-Examination of the Doctrine in Light of Time Influenced Legal Reasoning and the Current State of Transgender Legal Issues

Alyson Dodi Meiselman (USA)

The Gender Caste System: Identity, Privacy and Heteronormativity

Jillian T. Weiss (USA)

12:00 Lunch (on your own)

1:30 Symposium: Needs Assessments in HIV Prevention

Sponsored by the U.S. Surgeon General's Leadership Campaign on AIDS
Organizer: Walter Bockting, PhD
Chair: Eric Avery, MD

A Needs Assessment of Transgendered People of Color in the District of Columbia

Jessica Xavier (USA)

HIV Risk Behaviors among Male to Female Transgenders of Color in San Francisco

JoAnne Keatly (USA)

You've got a friend? The impact of transgender discrimination and social support on unsafe sex in Minnesota

Walter Bockting (USA)
Bean Robinson (USA)
Dawn Brintnell (USA)
Noelle Gray (USA)
Jendeen Froberg (USA)

A community-based approach to HIV risk assessment and prevention education for people of transgender experience in New York

K. McGowan (USA)
Barbara Warren (USA)
R. Burns (USA)
R. Blumenstein (USA)


HIV/AIDS among transgender people: Findings from two needs assessments in Chicago

Gretchen P. Kenagy, Ph.D (USA)
Wendy Bostwick, M.P.H.


3:00 Break

3:15 Endocrinology and Transgender Health Care

Moderator: Louis Gooren (The Netherlands)

Primary Care for of the Transgender Patient

Jamie Feldman (USA)
Walter Bockting (USA)

Sexually Transmitted Diseases &endash; Their Present and Future Impact on the Transgender Community

Sheila Kirk (USA)

From Gender Ambiguity to Gender Dysphoria: Endocrine Treatment of Transgendered Teens and Young Adults in a Pediatric Academic Center

Norman P. Spack (USA)

Testosterone Patches in Post-op Female-to-Male Transsexuals

Henk Asscheman
Louis Gooren (The Netherlands)

Effects of Testosterone Therapy on Bone Mineral Density in The FTM Patient

Vin Tangpricha (USA)
Adrian Turner (USA)
Alan Malabanan (USA)
Michael F. Holick (USA)

Effects of Androgen Treatment and of Androgen-Derived

A.W.F.T. Toorians

Estrongens on Prolactin (PRL) Levels in a Female-to-Male Transsexual with Prolactimoma

Louis Gooren (The Netherlands)

FTM Breaks Cancer: Community Awareness and Illustrative Cases

Evan Eyler (USA)
Stephen Whittle (United Kingdom)

New Onset of Type 2 Diabetis Mellitus with Feminizing Hormone Therapy: Case Series

Jamie Feldman (USA)

Venous Thrombo-embolism and (Oral) Estrogen Use

W.W.F.T. Toorians
Louis Gooren
Henk Asscheman (The Netherlands)

5:30 Adjourn

6:00-8:00 Community Forum

Moderators: Jude Patton and Sheila Kirk

An Opportunity for an Update and Exchange between the Transgender Community and Professionals

Louis Gooren
Eugene Schrang
Stan Monstrey
Anne Lawrence
Stephen Whittle
Walter Meyer
Eli Coleman

Saturday, November 3, 2000

8:00 &endash; 9:00 Continental Breakfast

8:00 Pre-Conference Session: The Price of Fear (and Video Presentation: Winyanktecha = Two Souls Person)

NapeWasteWin (USA)

9:00 Symposia: Updates in Surgery

Moderators: Stan Monstrey (Belgium)

Procedures and Issues Related to Female-to-Male Gender Reassignment Surgery

Toby R. Meltzer (USA)

The Ultimate Refinement of Sex Reassignment Surgery

Eugene A. Schrang (USA)

Aesthetic Refinements to the Secondary Labiaplasty

Toby R. Meltzer (USA)

Subcutaneous Mastectomy in Female-to-Male Transsexuals

Stan Monstrey (Belgium)
Genarro Selvaggi
Koenradd Van Landuydt
Phillip Blondeel
Moustapha Hamdi
Piet Hoebeke

Phalloplasty with Suprapubic Flap &endash; Technical Aspects &endash; Personal Experience

A. Felici (Italy)
L. Puccio (Italy)
L. Cavalieri (Italy)
G. Sciortino (Italy)
N. Felici (Italy)

10:15 Break

10:30 Symposia: Updates in Surgery

Moderator: Stan Monstrey (Belgium)


Abdominal Approach to the Anterior Vaginal Flap Elevation

Ako Takamatsu (Japan)
T. harashina (Japan)
Y Inoue (Japan)
K. Kinoshita (Japan)
O. Ishihara (Japan)

A Novel Scrotoplasty in Female-to-Male Transsexuals:

Erik Van Laecke
Stan Monstrey

Phallic Construction with Two Free Flaps

Takao Harachina (Japan)
Yoshirharu Inoue (Japan)
Ako Takamatsu (Japan)

Radial Forearm Phalloplasty in Female-to-Male Transsexuals: A Review of 124 Cases

Stan Monstrey (Belgium)
Piet Hoebeke
Genarro Selvaggi
Koenradd Van Landuydt
Moustapha Hamdi
Phillip Blondeel

Obtaining Rigidity in "Total Phalloplasty:" Experience in 30 Patients

P. Hoebeke (Belgium)
Stan Monstrey (Belgium)

11:45 Lunch

1:30 Plenary Address: Biological Markers of Transsexual Origins

Richard Green

2:15 Symposium: Psychotherapy

Moderator: Stephen Levine (USA)

The Effectiveness of Group Psychotherapy on People with Gender Identity in a Public Hospital

Anna R. Ravenna
Anna M. Acocella
Luca Chianura
Maddalena Mosconi

Using a Disability Model in the Psych-Social Rehabilitation of Candidates for Gender Reassignment

Bet MacArthur (USA)

Sex Reassignment Surgery in a Patient with Gender Identity Disorder and Dissociative Disorder: Report of a Successful Case

George Brown (USA)

Closets: The Use of External Structure to Reinforce Internal Structure for Suppression of Transgender Feelings and Behaviors.

Sandra Samons (USA)

Embodiment, Ethos, Sexuality and Gender Across the Lifepsan: The Transgender Aging Experience

Tarynn M. Witten (USA)

3:45 Break

4:00 Symposium: Family Aspects

Moderator: Domenico Di Ceglie (United Kingdom)

Working with Families of Gender Variant People

Arlene Istar Lev (USA)

Self Help Groups for Parents and partners of Transsexual Couples

Petra Klene (The Netherlands)
Randi Ettner (USA)

Workshops for the Families of Transsexual People

Bernard Reed (United Kingdom)

The Transsexual Family

M.G. Cecchini (Italy)
L. Chianura (Italy)
S. Iacoella (Italy)

5:30 Adjourn

7:00 Gala Dinner

The Texas Sea Port Museum and 1877 tall ship (iron barque) Elissa. Casual attire and seafood buffet.

Sunday, November 4, 2001


7:30 HBIGDA Board of Directors

8:30 Discussion of the HBIGDA Standards of Care

Moderator: Walter Meyer

Six Cases of Transphobia Within Academia and Why HBIGDA Should Change its Name

Tracie O'Keefe (United Kingdom)

Medical Ethics and Transexuality

C Jacob Hale (USA)

Sex Reassignment Surgery Without a One Year Real-Life Experience: Still No Regrets

Anne Lawrence (USA)

General Comments:



10:00 HBIGDA Business Meeting

President, Secretary Treasurer and Executive Director Report

Committee Reports

Presentation of New Officers and Board Members

Next Symposium in 2003 (Location to be decided)

11:00 Committee Meetings

HBIDGA Standards of Care

12:00 Adjourn

Poster Session:

Social Inequities: Demographic Characteristics of Patients Treated in Spain

T. Bergero (Spain)

The First Gender Identity Disorder Unit in Spain

I. Esteva (Spain)
I. Gornemann (Spain)
G. Cano (Spain)
F. Giraldo (Spain)

The Process of Informed Consent: The Needs of Patients During Hospitalization

Anna R. Ravenna (Italy)
Rosario Stampelli (Italy)

Gender Identity Disorder: Social and Relational Aspects

Anna R. Ravenna (Italy)
Anna M. Acocella
Luca Chianura
Maddalena Mosconi

A Rorschach Follow-up Study of Transsexual Patients

Aude Michel (Belgium)

Sexual Orientation of MTF Transgendered People in Transition

Sandra Samons (USA)

Sexual Behaviors and Attitudes of Male-to-Female Transsexuals: An Internet Survey

Anne Lawrence (USA)

Explanation of the Rikki Swin Institute

Rikki Swin (USA)

Long-term Hair Removal by Intense Pulsed Light in Male-to-Female Transsexuals: Promising Results

E.M. Boer
Louis Gooren
(The Netherlands)

Management of a "Siliconoma" in a Transsexual Subject

A.W.F.T. Toorians
R.I.F. van der Waal
M.R. van der Scheur
Louis Gooren
(The Netherlands)

Transsexxual Cases in Switzerland

Juliette Buffat (Switzerland)

Gender Team: First-Year's Experience Treating Transsexuals In the First and Only Unit in the Spanish Public Health System

Francisco Giraldo (Spain)
Trinidad Bergero (Spain)
Isabel Esteva (Spain)