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Is Transgenderism a choice?

Is Transgenderism a choice?

  By -- Mar 16, 2022

I am basing my answer to this question on my experience with over 600 gender variant patients who have come to see me over the last 31 years. All too often, on presentation, many of these people are scared, deeply depressed and at the limits of their ability to face life each day. It is not uncommon for these individuals to be having their marriages and careers falling apart....and being suicidal. All of this coming from lawyers, scientists, dentists, physicians, school teachers, professors, artists, musicians, and other highly educated and otherwise productive people. Being deprived of one's true gender expression can be fatal. If there is any choice involved here, it is between facing the reality of being gender variant and all that is involved in regaining a life, or denying it and suffer an interminably unresolved existence. Fortunately, help is available and the regimen practiced by most gender specialists has returned virtually all of these people back to productive and happy lives.

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