Notes on Gender Role Transition

Anne M. Vitale PhD -- Psychologist specializing in gender identity issues since 1984.

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Last update January 12, 2021

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About this site:

This web site addresses issues regarding gender dysphoria, crossdressing, transsexualism, transgenderism, cross sex hormones, sex reassignment surgery (SRS), the WPATH Standards of Care (SOC v7) and gender variant issues in general. Female-to-Male (FTM) and Male-to-Female (MTF) issues are covered.

The section entitled Practicum contains specific information to facilitate gender role transition. The section called "A Significant Other View" is written by the wife of a crossdresser.The Essays are fully referenced papers on gender identity issues. Guest Speaker includes writings from invited guests. T Notes serves as an informal forum regarding issues of current interest in my private practice. I hope to make monthly contributions to the T Notes; the other sections will be added to less frequently.

The observations listed and opinions expressed herein are derived primarily from my work with clients presenting with gender related issues. Additional information was and continues to be derived in consultation with colleagues, endocrinologists, and surgeons who specialize in treating Gender Identity Disorder. The period of observation is from 1978 to the present. The accent of this web site will be on gender role transition.

More about Dr Vitale: A Gender Variance Who's Who:

NEW BOOK--Now available as a downloadable pdf file. Also available in paperback and eBook formats -- Amazon Kimble and Apple iPad/iPhone at the Apple iBookStore.

The Gendered Self: Further commentary on the transgender phenomenon

by Anne M. Vitale PhD
Based on the author's first hand experience in treating over 800 transgendered individuals over the last 37 years, The Gendered Self is the story of what it is like to be born into and to live out one's life as a transgendered person in a cisgendered world.
Visit the Gendered Self web site for a free pdf copy of the Introduction, chapter headings, chapter abstracts and reviews.

New as of January 12, 2021 Meditative Approach Toward Gender Dysphoria: Guest Speaker, Dr. Lawrence Tunis offers some ideas on how to deal with GD in a non-invasive way.
New as of January 16, 2014 A Significant Other View: Four new crossdressing articles from the perspective of the wife of a crossdresser by Mrs Julie Freeman

New as of Sept 2, 2013 T Note #17 Skype as viable therapeutic media: An interim report

New as of Aug 26, 2013 Text and link to a video presentation Dr. Vitale gave at the "Who's Afraid Of Depathologization" conference, Turin Italy, March 31, 2012.

New as of April 3, 2012 T Note #16 Post-Op + 5
Five years after transition, post-op trans folks start to experience new existential questions regarding what they have done. This T Note addresses these very important realizations .

New as of October 7, 2011 The long anticipated update of the WPATH's Standards of Care has now been released. To download a PDF formatted copy of the SOC version 7, click here.
New as of April 18, 2011 "Potential Therapeutic Errors When Using Binary Based Terminology to Explain the Gender Variant Condition"
This is the text of a talk and slide presentation I gave at the National Transgender Health Summit, April 9, 2011, University of Calfornia, San Francisco

Featured Article:
Rethinking the Gender Identity Disorder Terminology in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV -TR (DSM IV) by Anne Vitale PhD-This is an expanded version, complete with references of a paper read at the WPATH Conference in Bologna, Italy in April 2005 .

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be viewed as providing therapeutic advice. No formation of a client/therapist relationship with Dr. Vitale is intended or to be implied or inferred. The information provided in this site is for educational purposes only. The information may not be used as a substitute for a medical/psychological diagnosis or treatment. Dr. Vitale does not warrant the completeness, correctness, timeliness, usefulness or accuracy of any of the information provided on this site. You should not rely upon this information as a substitute for consul with a qualified physician or mental health provider prior to starting any treatment or if you have any questions related to your health, physical fitness, psychological or medical conditions.
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Services Provided--
  • In-depth psychotherapy--pre and post-op life issues explored.
  • Registered Medicare Provider
  • Evaluations for hormones, top surgery (chest reconstructive surgery) and Genital Reassignment Surgery (Gender Confirming surgery)
  • PhD level Second Opinion Evaluation letters for surgery and possible insurance coverage via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom
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  • About the author--- I am a Licensed Psychologist (California #PSY15764) specializing in working with individuals with crossdressing and other gender identity concerns since 1984. My Curriculum Vitae can be found here.

    I am a long standing member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and a founding member of the Bay Area Gender Associates, a peer supervision and consultation group.

    My therapeutic orientation is Existential-Humanist. Essentially that means I place great emphasis on the current conditions of the client's life. It is impossible to change the past. Only one's understanding of the present can be evaluated and made workable. Further, as an Existential-Humanist, I expect my clients to take full responsibility for the decisions they make in their lives. This is especially important when one is discussing the possibility of changing one's gender role. I am firmly committed to working within the limits of flexibility described in the WPATH Standards of Care version 7. My experience in the area of gender issues is extensive, dating back to my graduate studies in 1978. I estimate that I have worked with over 800 individuals since then.

    Although I am qualified to work with a wide range of psycho-therapeutic issues, I have come to understand that when working with my gender clients, my function is often simply that of being a knowledgeable guide. Ultimately, only the client can know the rightness or wrongness of gender role transition. In my experience, most people who present with gender issues are responsible, capable and intelligent people. I see no reason not to take advantage of those abilities when helping my clients resolve their gender issues.

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