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A Brief Description of The Problem

June 10, 1996 -Revisd April 2, 1997

Keywords: transsexual, transgender, gender, gender identity, gender dysphoria, gender expression, gender development, gendermap

Abstract: This essay briefly discusses the psychological consequences to individuals who through differential gender development, do not fit the bipolar male - female model of gender identity, Several possible theories for the early onset and persistent nature of the disorder are also discussed.

Gender may well be the most defining factor in the spectrum of elements that comprise the human persona. In fact gender is so basic to our identity, most people mistakenly assume our sense of being male or female is defined with absolute certainty by our anatomical sex. Contrary to popular belief, one's sense of gender and one's anatomical sex are two distinct elements; each developing at different times in different parts of the body.

John Money has coined a useful term to describe ...

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