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Thoughts On Beauty

By Asuka Ma Posted on Mar 28, 2022

Thoughts On Beauty
By Asuka Ma

As a transgendered woman, I have encountered some new problems and dilemmas that, as a man I simply had less occasion to deal with. One such is the question of beauty, as all woman must consider some point in their lives - some on a daily basis. Now, the first thing that comes to mind is that we should not be judged this way, but that is a question of values and not the topic I wish to speak to, which is beauty itself.

Before I begin, I wanted to clarify something. I don't consider myself some sort of expert on the subject of beauty, I am simply sharing my discovery as I go on this transition.

With that out of the way, let me dig right into it.

As I researched this topic, I found that the conventional wisdom generally split into two major camps when talking about beauty. The first one is the fashion approach, what's "in" this season, w...

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