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One Woman's Report On Her Sex Reassignment Surgery Experience in Montreal Canada

By Dani Marie Kleist Posted on Mar 28, 2022

One Woman's Report On Her Sex Reassignment Surgery Experience in Montreal, Canada
By Dani Marie Kleist dani@kleist.com
May 19, 2006
There were several reasons why I decided to go to Montreal for my surgery which was performed on June 21, 2004:

1) Program – Comprehensive 2 week stay. Picked up at the airport on a Thursday and taken to a mansion on an island north of Montreal known as the “Residence”. Here we spent our first couple of days talking with newly minted post-ops who had surgery on Monday or Tuesday that week. Then we went into the clinic on Monday or Tuesday the next week for our surgeries. When we returned on Thursday or Friday a new group of girls arrived for the next round. We shared our experiences and begin to heal. On the following Monday, our sewed-in stents were removed and we began our dilations. That Thur...

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