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The Job Transition

By By Victoria Posted on Mar 28, 2022

The Job Transition

Editor's Note (Aug 2011): Much has changed for the better in the 15 years since Victoria worte this piece. In many states and the US Federal Government, it is now illegal to discriminate against individuals transitioning on the job. Your HR department should be very aware of the local laws so make sure you start your inquiries with them.
November 10, 1996

My transition on the job in the aerospace community has been referred to as one of the most successful to date. This article is intended to be a guide for future transitions. The case described here is quite involved and covers each aspect of information propagation, rumor control, and last but not least, damage control.

The Team
We formed a team to handle all aspects of this transition. Represented were Human Resources, Management, and Medical personnel. Our company is a major player in the aeros...

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