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Letters from the mom of a gender dysphoric twin boy

By Danielle Alexander Posted on Mar 28, 2022

Letters from the mom of a gender dysphoric twin boy.
August 1, 2006
This is a composite of a series of e-mail messages I received from Ms. Danielle Alexander in the summer of 2005. She has twin boys, one of which clearly and repeatedly states that he is a girl, not a boy, while the other twin seems quite content with being male and behaving like all the other 9 year old boys. Ms Alexander has given me permission to post this synopsis of her concern and love for her child. Ms. Alexander can be reached at semperalwayz@gmail.com and welcomes comments from others who may be in a similar circumstance.

Letter from the mom of a gender dysphoric twin boy.
Ms. Alexander writes:
I have 9 year old twin boys. From the moment the younger one could...

One Woman's Report On Her Sex Reassignment Surgery Experience in Montreal Canada

By Dani Marie Kleist Posted on Mar 28, 2022

One Woman's Report On Her Sex Reassignment Surgery Experience in Montreal, Canada
By Dani Marie Kleist dani@kleist.com
May 19, 2006
There were several reasons why I decided to go to Montreal for my surgery which was performed on June 21, 2004:

1) Program – Comprehensive 2 week stay. Picked up at the airport on a Thursday and taken to a mansion on an island north of Montreal known as the “Residence”. Here we spent our first couple of days talking with newly minted post-ops who had surgery on Monday or Tuesday that week. Then we went into the clinic on Monday or Tuesday the next week for our surgeries. When we returned on Thursday or Friday a new group of girls arrived for the next round. We shared our experiences and begin to heal. On the following Monday, our sewed-in stents were removed and we began our dilations. That Thur...

Thoughts On Beauty

By Asuka Ma Posted on Mar 28, 2022

Thoughts On Beauty
By Asuka Ma

As a transgendered woman, I have encountered some new problems and dilemmas that, as a man I simply had less occasion to deal with. One such is the question of beauty, as all woman must consider some point in their lives - some on a daily basis. Now, the first thing that comes to mind is that we should not be judged this way, but that is a question of values and not the topic I wish to speak to, which is beauty itself.

Before I begin, I wanted to clarify something. I don't consider myself some sort of expert on the subject of beauty, I am simply sharing my discovery as I go on this transition.

With that out of the way, let me dig right into it.

As I researched this topic, I found that the conventional wisdom generally split into two major camps when talking about beauty. The first one is the fashion approach, what's "in" this season, w...

The Job Transition

By By Victoria Posted on Mar 28, 2022

The Job Transition

Editor's Note (Aug 2011): Much has changed for the better in the 15 years since Victoria worte this piece. In many states and the US Federal Government, it is now illegal to discriminate against individuals transitioning on the job. Your HR department should be very aware of the local laws so make sure you start your inquiries with them.
November 10, 1996

My transition on the job in the aerospace community has been referred to as one of the most successful to date. This article is intended to be a guide for future transitions. The case described here is quite involved and covers each aspect of information propagation, rumor control, and last but not least, damage control.

The Team
We formed a team to handle all aspects of this transition. Represented were Human Resources, Management, and Medical personnel. Our company is a major player in the aeros...

Going Full Time

By Annette Gallo Posted on Mar 28, 2022

Going Full Time
by Annette Gallo
May 17, 1997

Editor's Note:

This letter was written to me by a male-to-female client who just had voice and minor face surgery prior to starting to live full time as a woman. The letter goes beyond the surgery and discusses how starting to live as a woman has effected her family and her work place.

I have received her permission to share it with the readership of this site. I also should note that Annette lives some distance from the Bay Area and routinely augments her visits to my office via e-mail. I think you will find it informative. Annette can be reached at gallae@geocities.com


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