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New Client Information

New Client Information

 By Anne Vitale Ph.D. -- Apr 10, 2022

New Client Information and Consent for Treatment
Last Update: Dec 19, 2021

OPENINGS: As in all good practices, openings in my practice occur regularly. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in working with me. Prior to making an appointment, In a return email, I will ask you to write a BRIEF autobiography that centers on your gender issues. The "bio" can be sent directly to me via email.

Due to the Covid -19 pandemic, I am currently seeing clients only over the internet. My preference is working with Zoom but can work over FaceTime or Skype as well. International and interstate calls welcome. All sessions are held in English. Interested individuals need only send me an email message telling me you are interested and I will help establish a contact channel.  Although I will do my best to protect your privacy, you must acknowledge (see note below) that there are technical limits to complete confidentiality inherent in working over the internet.

Payment is to be in U.S. dollars at time of sevice, either through credit card, or PayPal.

* My rate is $150 per fifty minute session. I accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or PayPal.  Clients are responsible for payment at time of appointment. If I am not in your insurance network, I will, of course, be glad to provide a paid receipt for you to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

* Medicare: Let me know if you are eligible for Medicare. Medicare patients need not pay at time of meeting.

CANCELLATIONS/MISSED APPOINTMENTS: A scheduled appointment means that that time is reserved only for you. if an appointment is missed or canceled with less than 24 hour notice you will be billed for the session at our agreed upon rate.

CONFIDENTIALITY: I know that confidentiality is very important. As a licensed practitioner, I am subject to licensing review should I disclose even the slightest amount of information regarding anybody I am seeing without the individual's written permission. Be assured, all information you forward to me will be held in strictest confidence. All new clients will be asked to sign a Limits of Confidentiality agreement and if we are meeting over the internet, a statement acknowledging that although all efforts to use HIPPA compliant software there is no guarantee of total security over the internet.

OBJECTIVES: I also want to reassure all interested parties that I have no agenda for any of my clients other than to search for a resolution to their gender issues and to improve the quality of their life. It is my intent to intercede at the least disruptive level possible given the circumstance. History has shown that the range of intervention runs from achieving a guilt free understanding of their gender issue to, in extreme cases, complete gender role transition.

STANDARDS OF CARE: I am a long time member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and follow the WPATH Standards of Care Version 7, (SOC v7). If you are unfamiliar with the SOC, I suggest that you read them prior to making an appointment with me. A copy of Version 7 of the SOC --of which I am a co-author--is available for immediate download at http://www.avitale.com/SOCv7.pdf

TREATMENT PLAN: Although I appreciate that each individual has special concerns and requires special attention, there is a general pattern I follow in treating gender identity issues. A copy of my Treatment Plan based on the WPATH Standards of Care is available here.

By replying to this email, you acknowledge that you are aware that email is not considered a secure method of communication, and that you agree to the risks.  This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual to whom they are addressed. If you have received this e-mail by mistake, please notify the sender immediately and delete the message from your system, without disclosing, copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on its contents. Thank you.

For further information or to make an appointment: you may email me at anne@avitale.com Please put INQUIRY in the subject box to get past my spam filter.

Contact Dr. Vitale at anne@avitale.com ——Please use the word INQUIRY in the Subject Line!

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