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Chest Surgery 101

Chest Surgery 101

  By By Anne Vitale PhD -- Mar 25, 2022

Chest Surgery 101:
Notes From Seminar Held in San Francisco in November 1998
Presenters: Russell Hilkene, Judd Bell, and Dillon McClintock
By Anne Vitale PhD


Addresses updated August, 2013

This is a portion of a set of notes that were taken by Kim Hraca, MFCC while attending the above mentioned seminar. She has graciously allowed me to share them with you. The remainder of the notes will follow when she makes them available to me.

At the seminar, FTMs, who had top surgery, showed their surgical results and gave a short description of the service that was provided. I have added addresses of the doctors where they were available.

Please keep in mind that I am presenting this information only as a rough approximation of what might be expected if one was to approach each of the doctors mentioned for top surgery. Obviously, you will have to contact each of the doctors listed here for more complete information.

Katherine T. Hsiao MD, FACOG OB-GYN
3905 Sacramento St #204
San Francisco CA 94118
Remarks: Hysterectomy and Oophorectomy.

Peggy Ching MD
375 Laguna Honda Blvd
San Francisco CA 94116
Remarks: Very responsive to what patient wants. if patient is on hormones, no letter needed.

Toby Meltzer MD PC
7025 N.Scottsdale Road Ste #302
Scottsdale, AZ 85253
Remarks: Trained in a burn unit...adheres strictly to WPATH Standards of Care.

Pierre Brassard MD FRCS
995 Salaberry
Montreal Quebec H3L1 L2 Canada
Remarks: Strict adherence to WPATH Standard of Care. Knows of one case where no 2nd letter was needed. They provide a letter for Border Patrol...Pick up @ airport by chauffeur. 5 days at recovery house...staff speaks French. Drains may or may not hurt...I was there about 3 days...disapointed at first... looked "poochy"

Mary Lee Peters MD
Remarks: Size was a factor in fee charged...was over a size DD after history of breastfeeding...8 years of Real Life Test....no letter...1 hour consultation..very attentive.

At first puckering was upsetting...lots of bruising...drains in for 5 days. Recommends self touch to increase healing..sensation of feeling where you can't tell if it hurts or feels good...No hands over head so as not to stretch incision site. Had glandular atrophy over years on RLT. Hair will not grow out of scar tissue.

Curtis Crane MD
208 Pennsylvania Ave Ste 207
San Francisco CA 94107
Remarks: Dr. Crane has taken over for Dr. Brownstein who has recently retired.

Renee O'Sullivan MD
Remarks: No letter required...lenthy interview...hard to go so far for someone who didn't do a lot of pre-screening on phone. You have to set up your own follow-up when you are there.

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