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Trans Care Project

Trans Care Project

  By Anne Vitale PhD, Editor -- Mar 25, 2022

Notes on Gender Role Transition

The Trans Care Project (Posted March 23, 2006)
Transgender Health Program and Transcend Transgender Support & Education Society Announces:

The Trans Care Project, a collaborative effort between the Transgender Health Program and Transcend Transgender Support & Education Society, is pleased to announce the launch of new transgender health resources.

Local and international experts in transgender care have worked with local members of the transgender community to create 7 sets of guidelines for health and social service providers, and 17 health information booklets for transgender people and loved ones. The materials (listed below) address issues in adolescent health, clinical advocacy, hormone therapy, mental health, primary medical care, speech/voice change, and surgery.

The documents are available online at http://www.vch.ca/transhealth/resources/tcp.html. Print copies can be ordered from the Transgender Health Program, 1-866-999-1514 (toll-free in BC) or trans.health@vch.ca. The clinical guidelines will also be published in a forthcoming issue of the International Journal of Transgenderism (with simultaneous publication in book format by Haworth Press).

For further information, contact trans.care@shaw.ca.


Clinical Guidelines:

  • Care of the patient undergoing sex reassignment surgery (SRS)
  • Caring for transgender adolescents
  • Counselling and mental health care of transgender adults and loved ones
  • Endocrine therapy for transgender adults in British Columbia: Suggested guidelines
  • Social and medical advocacy with transgender people and loved ones
  • Transgender primary medical care

Consumer Booklets:

  • Getting trans-competent care: How to work with your nurse or doctor
  • Trans people and cancer
  • Trans people and cardiovascular health
  • Trans people and diabetes
  • Trans people and osteoporosis
  • Trans people and vaccinations
  • Fit or fatphobic? Trans people, weight, and health
  • Hormones: A guide for FTMs
  • Hormones: A guide for MTFs
  • "Real life experience" (RLE)
  • Surgery: A guide for FTMs
  • Surgery: A guide for MTFs
  • Getting hormones
  • Getting surgery
  • Changing speech
  • An advocacy guide for trans people and loved ones
  • Let's talk trans: A resource for trans and questioning youth

The Trans Care project is a partnership between the Transgender Health Program and Transcend Transgender Support & Education Society, with funding by the Canadian Rainbow Health Coalition.

To reach the project staff, email trans.care@shaw.ca or contact one of the partner organizations:

Transcend Transgender Support & Education Society PO Box 8673, Victoria, BC, Canada V8X 3S2 Phone: 250-413-3220 Fax: 250-479-3836 Email: transcend@islandnet.com Web: http://www.transgender.org/transcend/
Transgender Health Program #301-1290 Hornby Street Vancouver, BC, Canada V6Z 1W2 Tel: 604-734-1514 Fax: 604-633-4241 Email: transhealth@vch.ca Web: http://www.vch.ca/transhealth
Reprinted here with permission from the Transgender Care Project March 23, 2006

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