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How to Tell Your Spouse

Notes on Gender Role Transition

How to Tell Your Spouse

By Julie Freeman
Reprinted by permission of the author. Originally published in Volume 18, Number 4 of the Devil Woman, the newsletter of the Diablo Valley Girls

April 7, 2008

The question of when to tell a spouse about transgenderism has no one answer fits all. Every situation is different. Some crossdressers go their entire lives without ever telling members of their families; others eventually tell their spouses, and perhaps their families, but many times years later.

But imagine the following situation - a wife comes home one afternoon to find a note pinned to her bedroom door stating that her husband was inside, dressed as a woman, that he had been doing this for years and could no longer keep it a secret.  The wife could not open the door, totally lost. 

Imagine another situation - a crossdresser desperate for help feels that his marriage is about to explode. He belie...

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